Without effecting your budget show your employees how much they are appreciated by giving them the gift of relaxation.

It is estimated that stress will cost businesses more than $300 billion annually because of lost hours due to absenteeism, increased worker compensation costs and reduced productivity.  It is also estimated that 1 million workers are absent every day from their jobs due to stress disorders or illnesses caused by stress.  This equated to over 250 million lost work days every year due to absenteeism.  The culprit?  STRESS!

Stress is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives.  Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing demands that come with managing out personal lives and our careers, we end up feeling “stressed out”.  Stress affects out bodies, behaviors and minds in many different ways.

Our Relax at Work Wellness Program

  1. Would you like to boost morale and make positive changes to negative workplace attitudes?
  2. Would you like to increase productivity and enhance your employee’s work performance?
  3. Would you like to decrease your absenteeism and lower your health care costs?

Let us be a part of your workplace health and wellness solutions by scheduling a Relax at Work Office Spa Retreat today!

The Spa Retreat Experience

At our Relax at Work Spa Retreat, your employees will not only be pampered with some of our incredible spa treatments and services, they will also learn stress-relieving and stress management tips.  Depending on the length of session that you select for your employees, we can choose from the following treatments/services:

  1. Heated/Cooled Neck Wraps – Feel the stress and tension leave your neck and shoulders with our lavender, citrus and peppermint neck wrap.
  2. Nourishing Eye Pads –   Soothe your tired, sore computer eyes with our Vitamin E-enriched comforting cucumber eye treatment.
  3. Lip Masque Treatment – Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips after you exfoliate the dead skin from your lips and soothe them with a healing balm.
  4. Herbal Instant Hand Manicure – Relieve tension and exfoliate dry skin from your hands.  It is sure to leave your hands soft and smooth.
  5. Extreme Repair Hand Therapy – A reflexology massage on your hands with this deep repair treatment is a truly delightful experience.
  6. Stress Reduction Through Deep Breathing and Visualization – We teach the importance of reducing stress through simple deep breathing and visualization exercises.  Your employees will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed in just a few short minutes!

We provide this important workplace wellness program as a service to the businesses in the Southern California communities.  By working together, we can help enrich the lives of your employees by increasing their awareness of how important taking time out for themselves can be to their health and well-being.

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